Spaces Available

Pricing is based on lease terms and finish requirements.  All common area expenses except tenant’s janitorial, insurance, internet, and telephone will be Landlord’s responsibility. Leases includes a usage allotment of four hours per month for conference room.

1.  Suite 155: Ground level 2100 square foot former doctor’s office with interior offices, reception desk, waiting area, bathroom, lab area.

diagramSuite 155 ReceptionSuite 155 waiting room 2

2. Office 160C, Single interior office, main level, 222 square feet, shares hallway with 3 other (occupied) offices, A,B are occupied by a counselor and D by a Lash Studio.

3. Office 203: Single exterior office, upper level, 180 square feet, off quiet hallway of 4 offices, 204 is a counselor, 205 is a Mary Kay consultant, 208 is the back door of a real estate business.

4. Office 207: Single interior corner office, right at the top of the stairs, upper level, 130 square feet.

5. Office 250B: Single exterior office with additional door off deck, right at the top of the ramp/stairs, hardwood flooring, about 280 square feet, shares lockable hallway with 4 other (occupied) offices, A is a construction company, and C,D,E are counselors.

6. Suite 275 E: Upper level suite with common area and 4 offices with doors, off common hall doorway, each office about 135 square feet, E is an interior office, B is occupied by a counselor, C is occupied by a real estate business, D by Woodland Park Main Street